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November 15, 2012
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Chapter 2

"Aah, (name), I've been expecting you. I trust my crumpets have delighted you," asked Arthur. He was anxious to know, because a happy you meant a successful mission. "Sit down and have some tea with me," he continued "Now, I trust you are ready to hear about your next mission? It's very challenging. Are you up for it?"
"I don't think I can, good sir," I mocked him in a fake British accent. (Cocky, aren't we, reader-Chan?)

He smirked. "Alright then, I guess I have to find someone else who's willing to play the part. Oh, woe is me." He allowed himself a moment to smirk, and then regained his serious composure. "You're mission is highly demanding, surpassing all the other escapades I've sent you on. This one will require all your skills."
"I'm all ears." You say.

~Le Time Skip~

After that friendly chat with your best friend, you decided to get lunch. Arthur, for some reason, has decided to keep a very close eye on you. After all, it was what you had discussed about with him. Today, the British Captain decided to sit by you at lunch, again very out of the blue. Captain Kirkland would prefer to eat his lunch in his cabin, recording who-knows-what in his journal, or would have private councils with Alfred, or Matthew. Today, Alfred decided to make cheeseburgers. Again.

"That bloody wanker…" you heard Arthur mutter under his breath, and for some reason, you giggled. Arthur always treated you like a lady, because he was a gentleman, but when it came to his crew, he was a real tsundere. Especially when it came to you. You chuckled at the memory of how indignant Arthur got when Francis tried to get fresh with you when you had joined the crew.

"Feeling nostalgic, are we?" said your British best friend, instantly snapping you out of your daze.

"I guess you could say that," you told Arthur with a sweet smile.

~ On Antonio's ship~

"There it is, Lovi. The Negro Rosa, Black Rose," said the Spaniard. Lovino had never seen his captain this happy before. Lovi decided to find out the source to his master's happiness.

"Ah, boss-a, why is-a this ship-a so special?" he hesitantly asked.

The Spaniard threw his head back and laughed jubilantly. "Ah, Romano, do you not know why this ship so special? Tell me Roma, have you heard about the myth of the Negro Rosa?
"No. And don't call me Roma!" he added angrily.

"Ha ha, Romano, you've gone as read as mis tomates!" said the good-looking, Spanish-accented Captain. "Listen well, Lovi. This tale is known by the all pirates that sail the seven seas. The Black Rose was once a luscious red rose, a symbol of everlasting love. It belonged to the Royalty of The Golden Kingdom. The kingdom was known for its wealth and for the rose. The rose was passed down from father to son, mother to daughter, when they were sure they found their true love. Before they get married, they had to go into the Speluncam ritualia, or the Cave of Rituals, where they would prove their love by speaking sweet words about it. This was to ensure the protection of their people and prosperity of their kingdom. And keep it hidden, si? But that all changed. One of the princesa fell in love with the wrong kind of man. He only loved her for her wealth. Pobre Princesa. She stole the rose, because her family did not approve, wishing to do the ritual in secret. They had reached the part where they had to close their eyes, and listen to lover's words. The man pulled out a dagger during this and stabbed her. He left the cave, laughing. The princesa was left alone, in her pool of blood. She started to curse the man, and the rose started to turn black to show her hatred to the one she once loved. When the princesa died, the people started turning to dust, until the unfaithful lover was the only one alive. It was said a voice spoke to him. It said that because of him, the people will die, and only the wealth will remain. With that, he perished too."

"Can I leave now?" Romano interrupted.

"But Romano! I haven't gotten to the best part yet! The key to finding the Black Rose, are only known to the best of us: the Carriedos and Kirklands. And once we find the Black Rose, we'll be able to find the Golden Kingdom. We need to get the part of the map that belongs to that estúpido pirata británico!" he said, smirking.

"When do you want me to open fire?" Romano asked, exasperated. I hope-a he-a realizes soon that this is-a stupido. Pomodoro stupido amare capo della mia, Romano thought to himself.

"Now," he said, smiling like a child.

~Your POV~

"When does the show start?" you asked, inquisitively.

Right then, you felt your ship shake.

"That's our cue, love," he said, smiling.
I'm sorry it took so long !

I'll make it up to you ! I promise ! :iconipromiseplz:

pomodoro stupido amare capo della mia= stupid tomato loving boss of mine.

Pobre Princesa= Poor princess

Tomates= tomatoes

estúpido pirata británico= Stupid British pirate !


Negro Rosa= Black Rose

<<<<<<<Chapter 1 :[link]

Chapter 3: [link]

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